Is A Tattoo Removal Painful?


 There is a psychological illusion called ‘the end-of-history’ in which people of all ages tend to believe that they have gone through enough personal growth and the change in taste up to the current moment will not grow substantially in the future. Getting a tattoo and regretting is related to this psychological illusion because people tend to believe that they have experienced enough changes in taste and wrongly believe that a tattoo that they are appealed to today will continue to appeal to them in the future.


Why Do People Get Tattoos Removed?

There are various reasons that make people regret having tattoos and more than half of those seeking removals feel that it was a source of embarrassment. Tattoos were once considered a symbol of being part of a criminal group, such as a gang, thus making it difficult for people to get new jobs. Many people tend to have tattoos of the names of their significant others and it can be problematic when the relationship ends which we have witnessed in the case of many celebrities as well.


How To Remove A Tattoo?

Many people who had an embarrassing tattoo tend to cover it with a new one. We call it the cover-up and the process is totally dependant on the size, color and most importantly the skill of the artist. Unlike the old and light-colored tattoos, you cannot cover up fresh or dark tattoos hence we advise getting laser treatment in that case. There was a time when tattoos were permanent but now it’s possible to remove them, fully or partially, using laser treatments.


Laser Treatment, Does It Hurt?

Getting a tattoo and getting it removed are two different things but they have one thing in common, the pain. Fortunately and on the contrary to a famous misbelief, the pain is not permanent. You can relieve it by applying cooling and silicon gels. People also believe that the sensitivity of the skin can cause more pain. Whereas, the truth is the amount of pain is equally the same with all types of skins. However, there are certain treatments that hurt a lot less than old fashioned lasers. These are also quicker to remove. 


Factors To Consider:

Here are some factors that you should consider before getting a laser treatment.

  • The cost is totally dependant on the type of your tattoo i.e its size, color and density of the ink. You can usually get a patch check for around 25 quid. However, the cost of treatment is entirely dependant on the number of sessions you need to attend.
  • The number of sessions is also dependant on the age and pigment of the tattoo. A question that people seeking removal usually ask is “how long will it take?”. It is very difficult to answer because the clinic does not have control over the type of ink. Also, they are unaware of what is in it. But a general rule is that old tattoos usually have less pigment. Thus, they are faster to remove. While on the other hand, fresh and darker tattoos can take longer. Pastel colors are very trendy these days but the ink contains titanium dioxide which is highly reflective. It can cause the laser’s emission spectra to reflect back instead of absorbing it which can take longer.
  • The pain that comes with it is also dependant on the type of tattoo and it’s color. Yellow and green colors are still very difficult to remove. Whereas, the black tattoos are must faster and easier hence cause less pain.


How Does It Work?

The best and gold standard tattoo removal method is the laser treatment using multiple Q-switched lasers depending on different wavelengths for the pigment involved. There are several types of Q-switched lasers to remove a different range of the spectrum. These lasers break down the particles of pigment in dermal macrophages.

These are part of the human immune system responsible for gathering the digestive cellular debris. The ink of tattoos is stored in the macrophage and if they are damaged, they release the captive pigment which can be taken up by other macrophages thus making it difficult to remove the tattoos. But when the ink breaks into pieces, it is then easier to remove it. Usually, the fading takes up to 7 to 8 weeks of treatment to gradually occur.

There are several tattoo removal studios that can help you start your treatment. You can book an appointment online too from some of the renowned studios like Zapp Laser Studio in Bristol for a patch check. The conclusion is, with the right motivation and consistency, you can get your tattoo removed.

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