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Year Since2016
Owner/FounderMichal Kwiecinski (Facebook)
Fraud RiskLow
Hash AlgorithmSHA-256, Scrypt, ETHASH, ZCASH, Pos
CoinsBitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, ZCASH, Dash
  • Different package plans that enable you to invest as per your budget
  • A one-time investment program for a lifetime earning (as long as Bitcoin and other altcoin mining exist)
  • 100% uptime guarantee gives you the confidence to cloud mine with them
  • Account activation and cloud mining start immediately you buy the package
  • They offer cloud mining for Bitcoin and some other major altcoin to choose your investment option
  • 10 years experience with a growing team of both personal and business clients
  • You need to reach a threshold before withdrawing your earnings (0.002 BTC)
  • No option to convert the currencies and withdraw with an altcoin

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CCG Mining Review: Start Cloud Mining With Professionals

While there are lots of offers on the cryptocurrency mining market, it gets harder to pick up the best service. Cloud mining is something people already got used to but still have lots of doubts about its safety. In this article, you will find out what service you should try first and how to make your mining experience successful. CCGmining mining company is one of the leaders on the market today, but is ccgmining legit? Let’s learn more about the topic right away.

Cloud Mining and Its Advantages

Cloud mining becomes popular after people realized that cryptocurrency mining is not as easy and fan as it seemed before. While making your own mining farm you need to invest money and time with the minor results, cloud mining system offers more advantages for all types of customers:

  • No noisy fans and computers at your place
  • Everyday payouts
  • Affordable entry prices
  • Total control over the mining process
  • More accurate analytics

All these points and even more are available for CCG Mining clients even without any CCG mining discount code.

CCG Mining: A Reliable Partner

The company we are talking about today was launched by cryptocurrency professionals and activists in 2016. Since that time CCG Mining became one of the leaders of the industry and kept improving its positions every day.

Its leadership is based on trust and reasonable prices. The company has an international status and houses its reps in various European countries such as Russia, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, and United Kingdom. According to various reviews and testimonials, CCG Mining is a reputable and reliable company and not a scam at all.

You should visit the official website of the service to find more statistics such as a number of customers (10 000 private and 135 business) and other useful info. But the company is constantly growing. One of its main promotional strategies is about great discounts provided by various CCG Mining coupon codes.

CCGmining Code and Contracts

Speaking about a CCG mining redeem code we must say that there is nothing too unusual in this system although it works just perfectly. They also offer some VIP mining plans of four types:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Custom

This segment of CCG Mining clients is for people who want to dig deeper into the cloud mining process. But you also have another more affordable way to become a partner of the company.

There is a special referral program to engage more of new customers to the service and benefit those who already are mining with CCG. If you are already a client, you should create your personal referral CCG Mining coupon link and send it to your friends and relatives. They get a discount, and you get additional income to your daily payouts from their first purchase.

Know Your Profit with CCGmining Calculator

The data centers of CCG Mining are huge. You can mine various types of cryptocurrency there using any of five pools. There is also a Custom Contract where you can make set your mining process personally.

Any customer with or without a promo code is free to use special calculator placed on the CCG Mining website. This tool will help you to predict your future income and avoid any of possible risks. As we said, accurate analytics is one of the strongest CCG Mining sides.

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