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CoinsLitecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dash, Zcash
  • Mine multiple altcoins at the same time
  • You can switch to a more profitable cryptocurrency
  • You get your payouts in the most liquid Bitcoin
  • Low maintenance fees
  • Withdrawal only once in 24 hours

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IQmining mining company is one of the most affordable cloud mining services ever existed. It has low entry prices and reliable system of cooperation. Since you become IQmining client, you don’t need to buy any expensive equipment and research tons of materials about cryptocurrency mining. But is IQmining legit? Well, this review will give you the answer.

IQmining and Cloud Mining Factories

You, probably, already know that cryptocurrency cloud mining is all about simplicity and making regular users closer to the process. While in general cryptocurrency mining is about complicated math problems and algorithms, cloud mining saves your time and money. And these are not just empty words.

Cloud mining companies store their own factories with powerful computers and lots of fans for holding the proper temperature of servers. Yes, it is the set you couldn’t afford yourself and place it at your home. Thanks to cloud mining companies such as IQmining cryptocurrency mining is now closer to us more than ever.

All you need to do is just to register your private account on the official website and purchase a pool or contract with the cryptocurrency type you would like to mine. That is it. IQmining will start working immediately paying you out every day. Besides that, you can also get yourself an IQmining promo code and redeem the entry price even lower.

But these are just words. What else IQ mining can offer you as a future client.

IQmining Code and Pools

IQmining offers just three contracts. They are clear and have fair terms. All of them has really low entry price for 1 MH/s:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

The price for the Bronze contract is $5, then Silver is offered for $4, and Gold for $3. Those three contracts have different speed and hashrate. But all of them are mining only one cryptocurrency possible – Litecoins. The algorithm these pools are working is called Scrypt. For each of these contracts there always a special IQmining discount code can be found.

IQmining Calculator and Fees

Please note that not matter if you are using an IQmining coupon code or not, there is a special fee for maintenance. It is a usual fee for almost all cloud mining companies as Script algorithm consumes too much electricity.

You should deduct this number from the sum you get from the special IQmining profit calculator. It is a usual tool offered by cloud mining companies for their clients. With the help of this calculator, you can easily and just in seconds make some accurate predictions about the cryptocurrency you are mining. Of course, the result depends on the contract you are using and other factors. At the same time, you should be clear that there are no hidden fees and all transactions provided by the company are transparent.

Bottom Line

IQmining is not a scam. This is for sure. According to various testimonials, other reviews, and our personal experience, this company provides fair contracts and always pays out on time. While other services try to hold as many cryptocurrency types as possible, IQmining prefers working with one sure successful algorithm they know.

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